Paul Osher

Chef / Owner

Paul Osher comes from a long line of kosher butchers, but his path back was neither automatic nor direct.   He began working in food service while in college, working at a corner deli where he made endless prosciutto sandwiches and figured out how to cut a dozen tomatoes at a time on a meat slicer (which, in retrospect isn't a very good idea). He also learned some of the simple pleasures of working at a deli: serving a satisfying sandwich and saying hello to a regular.


Paul’s more serious interest in food began, however, while pursuing a PhD in Los Angeles. Researching the relationship between food and political theory, Paul realized he enjoyed the study of food – from its production to its preparation – more than the study of political theory. Slowly cookbooks began replacing philosophy books. 


In 2010 he started Bean & Thyme with the idea that good tasting food made from real ingredients should be made more accessible. He found a niche at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market serving sandwiches made from scratch using ingredients found at the market and house-cured meats. Bean & Thyme also offered catering services, including preparing lunch at a local preschool.


It was the city of Seattle that offered him the opportunity to open his own restaurant – Porkchop & Co., open since April 2014.



5451 Leary Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 257-5761



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