Porkchop & Co. is a small restaurant in Ballard that provides satisfying, well-crafted meals in a casual setting.  During the day we serve a carefully crafted menu of sandwiches & salads made from scratch.  In the evenings we offer a casual setting for a great dinner made from the highest quality ingredients around.


What makes a place one that you want to go back to again and again?  That's the question that animates Porkchop & Co.  When we ponder what we want, it's about a great menu of simply prepared things with an eye for balance, and made from ingredients that make you feel better about the world.  The setting would be a casual environment that made you feel comfortable, not awed.  


So that's what we do.  We look for great ingredients, and we try to think of ways to prepare them that are unique & delicious. 

::: HOURS :::


Breakfast & Lunch

Tuesday-Sunday 9am-3pm


Happy Hour

Wednesday-Saturday 5-6pm



Wednesday-Thursday 5-9pm

Friday-Saturday 5-10pm



Reservations available for dinner only

5451 Leary Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 257-5761



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